1. Pre Connect the GRIFFIN CLIPTM to your A1 or A2 Bouy with a Carabiner.

2. Push the Clip over the tight anchored rope in one smooth push.

3. Start your motors and drive towards the anchor rope at about 1700 RPM keeping the anchor ball and rope on the side of your boat. It is suggested if you have a Cleat on the "Hip" or center side of your gunnel, get the rope to there and give it a quick loop around the cleat so that the rope does not pop over the edge of the hull.

4. Drive away from the buoy and where the anchor was. This will pull the anchor straight up off of the bottom.

5. When you see the bouy "Dip & Pop" that means the chain and anchor have fully been retrieved. Not even enough time to have a sip of that ice cold Beverage you just got out of the cooler.

6. Turn the bow toward the anchor rope and idle over there while one of your fantastic mates brings in the rope until they have the anchor pulled in the boat.

7. Take the Griffin ClipTM in one hand and the rope in the other, push it back over the single rod in the middle that you just put it over a few minutes ago and pull it back through.

8. Always Leave the Griffin ClipTM Attached to your A1 or A2 Buoy for future Retrievals, no more moving parts.

9. RUN & GUN

“Stop wasting time

and start fishing.”

– Mark Griffin