Hollywood, FL – Griffin Clip Inc. introduces the Griffin ClipTM, the world’s most efficient anchor pull, designed to rapidly retrieve an anchor from the ocean floor requiring almost no effort from boaters.

Until now, there was no easy and convenient way to manually pull an anchor out of the water. The old way required someone on board to assemble various anchor pull components or resort to physically yanking the anchor free from the ocean floor before lifting it into the boat.

With one fluid motion, the Griffin ClipTM slides over the anchored rope and the boat pulls the anchor to the surface. The arduous process of repeatedly pulling an anchor to reposition it in a precise location is eliminated with the Griffin ClipTM.

By safely and effectively guiding your anchor rope in a more vertical ascent, the Griffin ClipTM minimizes the damage caused when pulling your anchor quickly. Made from yacht grade stainless steel for superior strength and flexibility, the Griffin ClipTM is the fastest and easiest way to pull an anchor, making old anchor pulls a thing of the past.

The Griffin ClipTM, crafted of polished, stainless steel, is available in two sizes: the 1/2” Commercial Clip and 3/8” Sportsman Clip. A demonstration of the Griffin ClipTM can be view online at

“Stop wasting time

and start fishing.”

– Mark Griffin